Let’s Collaborate!

About Danielle’s Travel

I’m Danielle Jones and I’m the owner of Danielle’s Travels. I’m 21 from England but currently living and travelling through Asia and Australia pursuing my dreams of seeing the world. I take part in as much volunteering opportunities as I possibly can. As well as this I have travelled to over 20 countries and seen some incredible sights, some of which I use for Inspiration in my blog writing.

Here are some ways in which you can work with Danielle’s Travels:

  • Social Media Promotion
  • Sponsored Blog Posts/Collaboration – A great way for your business to gain exposure and promotion through social media, blog articles (including links to your website and/or social media platforms) and photography
  • Collaborative Guest Posts
  • Hotel & Accommodation Reviews – Well written, in-depth, informative and honest reviews for your hotel or accommodation. Each blog post in review of your hotel/accommodation will include lots of high quality photographs, as well as links to your website and/or social media platforms.
  • Travel Related Product Reviews – Luggage, electronics, clothing and jewellery…
  • Activity reviews

If you decide that you would like to collaborate with us, here is what Danielle’s Travels has to offer:

  • Honest, well- written and professional reviews/blog posts
  • Hard working travel blogger, with the desire to share important and information, tips and tricks
  • Punctual publication, fast email response and willingness work together on a wide variety of projects
  • High-quality photography


Send us an email, and we can discuss a collaboration in more detail ! Below is a copy of my Media kit if your looking for some more information, Can’t wait to hear from you!