Kruger National Park

Kruger national park has been number one on my bucket list since before I can remember. One of the many good things about studying an animal related course is that you get to meet likeminded people who have similar interests and passions as you. This is how I met my friend Kendra. We both have a special love for Africa and decided that we wanted go visit Kruger National park together. I won’t lie, visiting Kruger if you go through a company can be very expensive but honestly, it was worth every single penny.

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Volunteering in Thailand

As an Animal Management student at university i’m very lucky that i get the opportunity to work with some incredible animals. I can also combine my education and work with my passion for travelling.
Over two weeks in March 2016 i had to undergo work experience for my course, in pervious years i had taken the easy road and stayed close to home, but this time i wanted to do something that would really benefit my future career prospects and also see bit of the world we live in. So after a long time of searching and debating i came across a zoo in Thailand. Obviously, zoo’s in Thailand do not have the greatest reputation but this zoo/safari had really good reviews from other volunteers so i decided to go… on my own! This was the first time i had ever travelled long distance on my own (now i can’t stop!) so i was defiantly nervous but also incredibly excited at the thought of visiting such a beautiful country.

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The Big Apple

Although i’m not much of a city person, New York has always appealed to me. Not so much for the thousands of people rushing around, i get more than enough of that in Liverpool! More for the incredible towering buildings that engulf the city. I tend to do most of my travelling alone and as cheaply as possible, but for once i decided i needed a proper holiday. Me and a friend decided to go away at christmas time, New York at christmas has always seemed so magical. Continue reading “The Big Apple”

Summer in Thailand

After volunteering in Thailand for two weeks in early 2016, i fell in love with the country, the people, the sun and the animals! As soon as i touched down in cold and rainy England, i instantly started planning my trip back to Thailand for summer 2016. This time i did not fly directly to Thailand as i didn’t cope too well with the long 13 hour flight, this time i stopped over in Dubai for 6 hours. Dubai airport is huge! I got completely lost and then fell asleep curled up in a ball on the floor using my bag as a pillow. I woke up 4 hours later and eventually found my plane. The flight was long and bumpy and i was exhausted by the time i landed in Bangkok. I stayed in a very nice hotel in Bangkok for the night, the temperature was about 39 degrees, i was ecstatic when i found out my room had air-conditioning!
The next day i took a taxi to a town called Kanchanaburi which is about 2 hours from Bangkok and i went and met the zoo team i volunteer with straight away. We then took a half an hour bus ride to the Safari park zoo in Kanchanaburi. This time all the people who started with me were from England and one American girl. these girls since have become some of my closest friends!

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Camera equipment

I always get asked by people on social media who see my photographs, “what camera do you use?”. I love photography, it is a huge passion of mine but as it is only a hobby of mine I try not to spend too much money on my equipment. I have three main cameras that I use to take pictures with and I use them for different locations. These cameras are; DSLR Nikon D5300, Gopro Hero 4+ silver edition and my Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. First off i will talk about my Nikon D5300 and the different lens i use with it.

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Beautiful walks in the UK

When most people think of the UK they naturally think of grey skies and rain, although this is true for most of the time. On occasion, we do get a few nice days of sun. I like to try to take full advantage of the rare sunny days we get here and spend the time exploring and walking. There are so many beautiful places to walk in the UK and although I would love to, I have not had the chance to explore them all. Some of the main places I would love to walk and explore are the cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Arthur’s Seat in Scotland and Scafell Pike in England. As I enjoy walking so much and it is a huge part of my life I thought I would share my favourite places to walk. I live in the North West of England (Liverpool area) so most of the places I walk are relatively close to me, although if I have the time and money I will venture further away. Here are my top 5 favourite places to walk in the UK:

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Travel Luggage

When traveling around the world one of the most important things to get right is the type of luggage you take with you. I personally think this can make or break your experience. For example, I visited Thailand last year and as I was only planning on staying in one place I took a large hard shell suitcase with me. This turned out to be a terrible choice because as soon as I arrived in Thailand and waited to collect my bag in the airport it turned up missing a wheel! This meant that it was not able to stand up straight and fell over all the time! I also decided to visit an Island called Koh Samet for a few days before I left, lugging this suitcase onto a speed boat and around the island was not an easy job! So now i have multiple different bags for a variety of trips and I would like to share these with you and hope that this helps when trying to decide what bag to purchase or take with you!

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